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Fox Trading Team is continuously working on service enhancement and delivery of the best in class products. Today we would like to explain the latest news about our project!

1. Forex AutoTrading Release

We are glad to announce the release of FOREX AutoTrading Bot!! Something that everyone was waiting for so impatiently!! Check our site and the platform updated with more details and algorithm performance since 2019, with an accumulated gain of +109% (an average of +6% per month).

During a couple of weeks of Apr-2021, starting during next week, access will be limited to the users who expressed their desire to test our new product via “early access” request form joining here. Users feedback from their experience will be collected and implemented accordingly.

Note: It is still not late to become “early access” user — soon you will receive email from our platform to join “on-boarding” period. Places will be limited though, so don’t miss the chance — “early access” will be granted also with Platinum lifetime license

Technical Details and Recommendations:

  • Stable and consistent results with less risk/drawdown
  • No commissions over profit — whatever you earn are yours!!!
  • Completely FREE access when opening an account with one of our partner — Trusted brokers like VantageFx, XM and more… Check it here
  • FREE two-months trial period with any other broker after which Platinum license is required to continue trading
  • Minimum Deposit requirement — $500. Recommended Deposit — $1000
  • Recommended account with 1:500 leverage to minimize risk
  • Only MT4 account is required — freedom to use existing account !!!

Forex Algorithm Results:

Follow the link to review all results for our Forex bot since we created the success algorithm on 2019! Profit is based on an initial deposit of only $500 on a account with 1:500 leverage.

You can find all trades history inside the platform, on the new section about Forex Trading Signals.

FOREX bot performance (since Feb-2019). View more

How to access FOREX AutoTrading:

With the release of FOREX AutoTrading product price plans have been updated accordingly.

All our members can test the service for FREE during the first two months. After two-months trial period there are two cases:

  • If member open account on our recommended brokers, he/she will continue with the service for FREE all the time with no commissions on the profit!
  • If member already has own account (so all users can use their existing account on any broker! — if it’s MT4 account of course) need to get the Platinum lifetime licenses on the platform to continue trading.

2. New Partnership Announcement —

Fox Trading Team has recently signed partnership with one of the fastest growing crypto-review platform — !!! Their widget has been integrated into Fox Trading website, so viewers can search for reviews directly at our website.

Reviews on platform are always honest. All reviews are checked by AI, verified and stored on the blockchain so that nothing can be censored or deleted.

To please our partnership we performed a review competition which is over now. However users can write reviews and still be rewarded from our side. Please follow the link Fox Trading @ Revain to check high quality reviews around our platform/project or write your own review and be rewarded !!!

3. Fox Trading Token — Website Section Update

Fox Trading Token (FOXT) page has been updated with the detailed information about use cases/utility options such as Free license, Staking, Affiliate program rewards and much more. Follow the link to review updated page —

Fox Trading Token (FOXT) is a utility token based on Ethereum blockchain using standard ERC-20 contract.



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