Newsletter #16 Fox Trading Service Enhancement — November 2020

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4 min readNov 11, 2020

Fox Trading is a multi-device platform that provides high accuracy signals and auto-trade services for Forex, Binary Options and Cryptocurrency trading

Fox Trading Team is continuously working on service enhancement and delivery of the best in class products. Today we want to explain the latest news about our platform improvements!

1. Trading Algorithm Improvement

We are in continuous optimization of our trading algorithm to deliver the best product to our costumers. Following Jun-Jul 2020 results we have implemented necessary steps to increase algorithm efficiency and ultimate performance. Results of our work is amazing - Sep and Oct with ~32% and ~46% of monthly return respectively. Don’t forget unbelievable streak of 28 "wins” in Oct-2020!

Please visit “Results” page to see all trades sent by the robot since 2016 with time and entry/exit price -

2. Affiliate Program Release — up to 35% reward

Fox Trading Team is releasing so much expected affiliate program —! Promote Fox Trading services and get high return from referred users!!

It is as simple as sharing the referral link with your community. Your profit will come from collected AutoTrading service commissions hence will depend on your referrals trading volume and their “price” plan — so more active referrals = more profit!

At initial stage ~20% of collected commissions will be shared as an affiliate reward, while reaching $15,000 of accumulated trading volume by your referrals affiliate reward will increase up to ~35%.

Attention! You can increase affiliate program reward to ~35% from day one by “staking” >50k FOXT tokens — as extra incentive that announced by tokenomics revision — Refer to “Revised Tokenomics” section below

Commissions will be credited into your ETH wallet (that you have to mention in the payment section of the Affiliate Program page) at the end of each month (e.g. first payment will be made at the end of Nov-2020) if you enable withdrawal options. You can accumulate to pay less on withdrawal commission that will depend on ETH transaction fees. Note: Minimum withdrawal amount currently set at 25$.

3. and discount campaign — adoption metrics

In Oct-2020 we introduced new compatible broker and in order to please our new partner we also introduced enormous 50% discounts to all our service/price plans. With new strategy we were able to achieve great level of adoption with 150% more new accounts than previous months, and “Free” plans that started to use our trading system with (as one of the most reliable broker in Binary Options trading area).

Note: Reduced costs and commissions a limited in time discount campaign, so don’t miss the chance to get onboard now at lower cost and with lower commissions and share it with your friends/community to earn extra benefits via just released affiliate program! Current users will also have their commission reduced during the campaign.

Read full article about Oct-2020 improvements:

4. Revised Tokenomics Release — back to cryptospace

At the end of Oct-2020 we have released revised tokenomics that was developed with the aim to increase FOXT token utility, provide incentives for FOXT token holders and strengthen overall project position !!!

Now our tokenomics contains “key” components (e.g. buyback & burn, staking, transparency) of robust crypto project that focused on long-term success where overall project success inextricably linked to FOXT token value !!!

Read detailed article about “Revised Tokenomics”:

Staking reward updates: With Affiliate program release we are introducing 2 (out of 4) promised “Staking” incentives - “Platinum” plan benefits and Extra affiliate reward.

Person who will stake >50k FOXT tokens will be eligible for the free platform access with “Platinum” plan benefits (lowest commissions) and will be rewarded with 35% commissions generated by user’s referrals. In order to start staking user just need to add personal ETH wallet containing required amount of FOXT tokens (exchanges wallets are not supported) at the affiliate program page

Keep your FOXT tokens with you: Own your funds! No need to transfer anything to the platform or to any team’s wallets

5. Frequently Asked Questions - new FAQ release

Following platform improvement/service enhancement as well as community feedback we have prepared and released new FAQ that contains three main categories: Trading Signals, Autotrading and Subscription.

FAQ is placed on the home page and can be easily navigated !!! If you cannot find answer to your question we are always welcome to provide required support via TG -

Read detailed article around new FAQ:



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