Newsletter #14 Fox Trading Service Enhancement — October 2020

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4 min readOct 14, 2020

Fox Trading is a multi-device platform that provides high accuracy signals and auto-trade services for Forex, Binary Options and Cryptocurrency trading

Fox Trading Team is continuously working on service enhancement and delivery of the best in class products in AutoTrading area. Today we want to explain the latest news that we have added to the platform, big changes that we had pending for this 2020 and that now they are already here!

1. New compatible broker —

We are happy to introduce new trading broker - (also famous as that everyone was looking forward to see compatible with Fox AutoTrading service. “Deriv” — one of the most famous and respected trading platform with over 20 years of industry experience.

Create your account today and follow the easy steps on the Fox AutoTrading platform to link it with our bot so you can instantly start copying all of our signals!

“The story of Deriv starts in 1999. Regent Markets Group, the founding company, was established with a mission to make online trading accessible to the masses. The Group has since rebranded and evolved, but its founding mission remains unchanged”

Note: Fox Trading platform compatible brokers ( and can be used simultaneously within the same plan, so at the same price! Double you income!

2. Release campaign — 50% DISCOUNT!

In order to please users with new compatible broker release ( we are announcing enormous discounts to our exclusive service on payment plans - up to 50% reduction in commissions percentage and plans price! See previously announced “price plans” article.

“Free”- provides free access to all platform services. Limited trade size — up to 20$ and 10% commissions over your earnings. Recommended for newbie users to try the service and generate real profit instantly.

“Silver”- provides monthly access to all platform services with the cost of 15$. Limited trade size — up to 60$ and reduced commissions to 5%. Recommended for most of the users and initial deposit of 500$.

“Gold”- provides monthly access to all platform services with the cost of 29$. Unlimited trade size and reduced commissions to 5%. Recommended for advanced users and deposits >1000$.

“Platinum”- provides lifetime access to all platform services with one-time payment of 199$. Unlimited trade size and reduced commissions to just 2.5%. Recommended for long term users.

Note: Reduced costs and commissions is a limited in time discount campaign, so don’t miss the chance to get onboard now at lower cost and with lower commissions! Current users will also have their commission reduced during the campaign.

3. Multi crypto payment — BitPay

Another improvement over the platform is introduction of multi crypto-currency payment option via BitPay service. So, now we're accepting all major cryptocurrency as a payment for FOXT service — BTC, ETH, XRP etc.

No need to worry about exchanges commission anymore — pay directly with your favorite crypto!!

4. Fiat payment/gateway — PayPal

In addition to multi crypto payment option we are releasing fiat gateway via PayPal system to improve users experience with our service. Now users can pay for Fox Trading service using one of the most convenient option. Also they can activate monthly subscription, so won’t miss monthly payment to keep AutoTrading active!

5. Trading summary announcement

Starting from Oct-2020 the team is planning to release AutoTrading algorithm performance summary (via Twitter) two times in a month — middle of the month (15th of each month) and end of the month (as a whole month trading summary). No more week summaries.

New announcement schedule is aimed to present algorithm performance based on long term trading philosophy!

Note: Users can review all results (on monthly basis) for our Binary Options bot since we created the success algorithm on 2016! Profit is based on an initial deposit of $500 and initial trade size of $25. Follow the link —


Fox Trading Team



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